About Us

UAB “Socialinė integracija” is a socially responsible company with the status of a social company for the disabled. The company continues establishing suitable work places for people of Lithuania who are unable to be equally competitive on the national labour market or return to it due to the partially lost capacity for work; moreover its aim is the effective and employment-based reasonable (re)integration of the disabled people into the social life.

The company offers all services from the range of facilities management, and is always prepared to be flexible and adjusting to the changing needs of the client while saving his time and financial expenses through application of its experience in the provision of cleaning service. Operating its activity, UAB “Socialinė integracija” uses the modern technologies that guarantee the provision of professional services; the company prioritises the cooperation exclusively with reliable cleaning service providers and equipment suppliers, increases its staff skills and continuously improves the work quality control.

The company has assembled an experienced personnel team. Among its members are the disabled people and the work type and conditions applied in UAB “Socialinė integracija” with regard to them are strictly in accordance with work type and conditions as set out in the conclusions of the Disability and Working Capacity Assessment Office under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. Therefore the loyal and dutiful company team providing cleaning and facilities management services equals in its work fulfilment competency to any other company team of respective professional service and effectively contributes to our business success.

UAB “Socialinė integracija” may become your valuable and reliable partner.

Let us together provide the disabled with work opportunities meeting their activity and work needs.